816 New York doubles down on helping brands take back their social media power

Agency launches brand-new social media strategy and management service

QUEENS, NY, 4/19/17 – As was evidenced with the display of augmented reality at this year’s Facebook F8 conference and the controversy surrounding the Facebook Killer, social media is entrenched in our personal and professional lives. However, many despise the role it plays in controlling access to information, driving ad budgets, and monitoring behavior.

Today, 816 New York, a full-service strategic branding and marketing consultancy, announces the launch of their full-scale social media strategy and management service: An offering uniquely designed to take back control in the social media marketplace.

The 816 New York team is comprised of strategists in varying roles: content, design, PR, and branding. The five-part social media service offering will include: defining goals and objectives; performing social audits; developing content strategy with content banks and calendars; tracking and reporting on campaigns and networks; and refining the social media strategy over time.

Founder and director Sarah Williams says, “At first, this emerged as a means to serve a client need, but it quickly ballooned into part of our overall message. Most people seem to resent social media—not only for what it can do but often doesn’t, but for how invasive it is and how beholden we are to it.”

On their own social accounts, the agency balances non-conformist views with informative content and motivational posts. The agency’s unapologetic stance on transparency developed in direct opposition to the veil of darkness and illusion that surrounds many corporate CEO–type thinkers. Not just Mark Zuckerberg, but also President Trump, whose stubborn reversal on his own rhetoric regarding transparency is making top headlines.

“If Trump does something we don’t like that affects our small business clients or our community, we blast it. If Zuckerberg crosses a privacy or humanity line, we call him on it,” Williams asserts.

“Our message is clear: You’re tired of getting screwed by these guys; so are we. You don’t have limitless ad budgets; neither do we. You don’t want to exist in the vortex of their view of the world; neither do we.”

“Facebook isn’t just hooking you to a feed full of news and baby pictures that you might check dozens of times a day,” says Mark Wilson of Co.Design.

“It’s building a world on top of the one we live in, filled with superimposed friends, objects, and ads that will literally make you see the world through the lens of Facebook….,” he continues. “But the common denominator is that you’d be looking at your reality through the filter of Facebook, your view ever-warped by Facebook’s bubble.”

Agencies with access to and understanding of the social media sphere can arm brands and educate the public to take back control of what truly belongs to them.

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