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From its foundations to its aspirations, your organization has a story to tell: the challenges, the rewards, the connections, and the impact.

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Partnering with our award-winning agency is about traveling a fluid course that begins with defining a vision, harmonizing it with your voice, and confidently projecting it to the world.

It’s about building awareness through intention, uniting progress with cohesive strategy, emotive visual design, and authentic identity.

Since 2009, we have guided small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits who promote global unity, positivity, and purpose, whose objectives balance profit with creating a better world.

We specialize in the following industries: Foundations & non-profits, health & fitness, housing authorities & real estate, insurance, finance, restaurants, technology.

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“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”

Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing

816 New York’s Core

An Agile Team Motivated by Social Consciousness
Sarah Williams 816 New York

Sarah Williams

Founder & CEO

“I am grateful every day for the journey—for what we teach each other and how far we can go.”

Sarah’s vision of brand strategy—and life—empowers people to live and work fearlessly, to think strategically instead of reactively, and to exemplify greatness. A committed stoic, her celebration of human potential is only tempered by her solutions-focused pragmatism about circumstances and behavior.

Sarah has 12+ years experience in branding, web design, and graphic design; spent 10+ years as managing editor and head writer in publishing, primarily in history and education; and holds a B.A. in Philosophy.

She reads and writes on foreign affairs, politics, and philosophy, and is a classic lit junkie. She contributes as a marketing volunteer for Pets for Patriots, a New York organization that pairs veterans suffering from PTSD with rescue pets needing homes.

Christina Ferris, Graphic Designer

Christina Ferris

Graphic Design

Christina has over 10 years in video editing and production, and has worked as a graphic designer since 2012. Some of her favorite aspects of creating are research and brainstorming. She’s a natural sleuth and an obsessive problem-solver. She takes an idea and looks at it from all angles, does lots of sketches, and works out the design like a long-form equation.

In her spare time she volunteers her skills to SAGE, a local nonprofit that serves the LGBT senior community, and offers her services to The Humane League, an organization that raises awareness of abuse and cruelty in factory farming.

Tori Hartsock, Media Relations

Tori Hartsock

Media Relations

With an M.A. in sociology with a research focus, Tori has an affinity for all things detail. She is inspired to act in response to information and current events, bringing passion and insight to the team by contributing her awareness of politics and government, social trends, and civic affairs.

She celebrates her time with two boisterous boxers, Penelope & Spartacus, adopted while an active volunteer and foster mom for Austin Boxer Rescue.

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