Who We Are

Scrappy as a startup. Seasoned by sophistication.

816 New York confronts and resolves the challenges inherent to small teams’ growth and visibility.

In 1999, our founder was a Philosophy student, playing with this new thing called web design and teaching herself to code in a smoky bedroom deep into the night. She has grown a creative side hustle into a strategic agency operated on the belief that a business run with integrity can uplift our society. We work with brands who hold those same ideals, and our client relationships span years.

If you’re feeling stuck, invisible, or undervalued by your industry, team, customers, we get it. If you have a suspicion that people misunderstand who you are or how you do things differently—or a nagging guilt that it might be your fault—we understand.

We identify challenges facing small teams and use agile strategy to reimagine pathways to growth—with candor, spirit, and humor.

If you want measurable brand strategy and lively communication, you’ve found it. If you seek a long-term partnership with an experienced team, give us a shout.

From organizational strategy to outreach, change management to brand consulting, campaigns to projects, we take you from stuck to unstuck.

We have been a certified NYC WBE since 2017. We are members of Pledge 1%, Start Small Think Big, and the NY Tech Alliance.

What we do

People like us.

816 New York’s Core

A Small Team Motivated by Doing Something Great