Brand Identity / Design

Feeling a bit shabby?

No wardrobe lasts forever. No brand identity does either.

If you hire a fashion consultant, they toss half your closet (a very liberating experience, by the way) and reconstruct from a few core pieces—some old, some new. Reimagining a brand identity works much the same way.

Sophisticated and timeless—think Audrey Hepburn—that’s our style. We create clean design that ages gracefully. Balancing beauty with consistency is our ambition. All co-mingled with your brand message.

Let’s play with color.

Brand Strategy

Yeah, we do all that

  • Logo design
  • Responsive web design & UX
  • Microsite design
  • Landing page design
  • Brand video
  • Promotional print pieces
  • Social media graphics
  • Email graphics
  • Print and online ads
  • Stationery & business cards
  • Proposals & publications
  • Apparel & merchandise
  • Event / trade show pieces

Here’s what we won’t do: We won’t design anything without first getting to know your brand. So if you’re here for a one-and-done project, we’re probably not the agency for you.

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