Brand Marketing

Impact, you say?

Your brand is like a living organism. Brand marketing is how it breathes.

Your brand exists, but does it thrive? Only via on-brand messaging and content delivery can you consistently attract customers and build visibility.

Brand marketing is flexible and goal-centered, backed by data and real-time feedback. It speaks to your audience on the channels they’re tuned into: advertising, social media, in-house promotions, presentations, SEO/SEM, and your website.

Ready. Aim. Impact.

Ready to fire
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Why even bother marketing?

Too many brands waste critical time and money, never realizing that marketing success comes from balancing output with studying analytical data. That’s where we come in.

Brand marketing is the art of study, track, and forecast—then rollout. It integrates powerful tools with your campaign and business objectives in a seamless way, enabling you to plan and schedule in advance, monitor in real time, adjust as needed, and make intelligent future marketing decisions.

We specialize in the following:

  • Brand tracking studies: monitor brand health—including competitor monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, and data analysis—to address weaknesses and track campaign efficacy
  • Website: UX, landing pages, e-commerce, SEO / Google Analytics
  • Direct marketing: direct mail, email marketing & automation, flyers
  • Content marketing: social media, white papers, e-books
  • PR: list research, press release writing & distribution, media followup
  • Promotional campaigns: contests, coupons, prizes, special events
  • Sales: sell sheets, brochures, presentations, trade show collateral

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