Brand Consulting

Powerful brands start with conversation.

Not all conversation matters. This one does.

We get it—you’re immersed in the day-to-day. But how can you design a logo, build a website, or launch a campaign without understanding and defining your brand? You can’t.

Many aren’t able to imagine their vision five years from now or put together a value proposition. Most freeze up at the very idea.

We unfreeze you.

Defining & tracking your brand

  • Review current brand as it is presented to the marketplace.
  • Consultation sessions to discuss the history of the brand and where you want to take it.
  • Defining your value proposition, core purpose, vision, target audiences, positioning statements, and brand and audience attributes.
  • We deliver a brand brief and/or brand guide to unite your organization’s culture (staff, messaging, sales initiatives) with your well-defined direction.
  • Brand tracking studies: monitor brand health—including competitor monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, and data analysis—to address weaknesses and track campaign efficacy

Brand Brief document

Competitive & market analysis

Local, regional, online—knowing your competition matters. We evaluate their brands, digital presence, and initiatives. We then study the market as a whole to identify opportunities where you can differentiate yourself from similar businesses or organizations.

Defining key marketing channels

Some marketers would tell you to be in as many places as possible. (That’s how they make their money.) We study industry and customer trends to define where your marketing dollars are best spent.

Brand architecture

We organize brands, products, and services into a recognizable system that builds brand recognition and customer loyalty, forming a portfolio of brands under the flagship brand.

Your brand story

Assessing the emotion-driven attributes most applicable to the brand. Defining brand name and brand messaging, including taglines. Outlining your brand story: history, goals, and customers.

Defining brand goals

Evaluating or identifying your brand objectives in the forthcoming 1, 5, and 10 years. Defining your lead-gathering challenges and outreach limitations. Defining your unique, marketable strengths.

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