Communications & Digital Strategy

Your brand exists, but does it thrive?

Your brand is like a living organism. It needs to breathe.

Only via on-brand messaging and consistent outreach can you consistently attract customers, build donor loyalty, and generate brand visibility.

Communications strategy is flexible and goal-centered, backed by data and real-time feedback. Digital strategy speaks to your audience on the channels they’re tuned into—social media, content marketing, SEO/SEM, and your website—while traditional marketing fires via advertising, in-house-promotions, and print campaigns.

Ready. Aim. Impact.

Communications strategy

Communications Strategy

  • A communications strategy helps you to stay competitive while surviving market upheaval and increasing your revenue over the next 5-10 years.
  • Never boilerplate or generic, our communications plans are developed specifically for your industry, your brand within that industry, and your audience.
  • Crisis communications strategy: Defines how you will respond during times of crisis like the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Supports business goals or nonprofit initiatives: Addresses how communications goals will serve the organizational goals in the areas of: finance, customer service, marketing, employee training, crisis management.
  • Defines communications goals: Creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable, Time-Bound) goals to best determine how to communicate to your audience.

  • Conducting research and segmentation: Competitive analysis, deep dive on data that can be gathered about customers, donors, and existing outreach. Segmenting audience for better response rates.
  • Creating strategic messaging: Building loyalty by making messaging consistent, clear, and strong.
  • Identifying key communications channels: From social media to messaging apps to your website, our communications plan narrows the playing field for better focus.
  • Creating a delivery plan: Devising the timing, frequency, content sources, and responsiveness of each communications channel.
  • Creating metrics and evaluating the plan over time: Determining how well each effort is working and revising the plan so it remains an active part of your business or nonprofit.

Digital strategy

Some digital marketers don’t take the time to get to know your brand before they start firing out messaging. The promise big and it feels exciting. But it doesn’t age well. If you’re feeling misled by lackluster results, you’re probably right. Good thing we’re not marketers.

  • When done well, digital strategy is about the art of study, track, and forecast—then rollout.
  • Digital strategy focuses on all aspects of the organization: sales, customer service, marketing, product management, supply chain, human resources, finance, and administration.
  • It integrates powerful tools with your campaign and business/organizational goals in a seamless way, enabling you to plan and schedule in advance, monitor in real time, adjust as needed, and make intelligent future marketing decisions.
  • Our digital strategy is methodical, structured, responsive, and impactful.

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Digital Strategy

Data analysis and SEO

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Data Layer, CRM reporting; ongoing SEO content review, updates, and reporting.

Content development and content marketing

Website content review and expansion, social media, white papers, ebooks and how-to guides, reviews, email marketing, case studies, blogs, videos, digital audio,  press/media.

Direct marketing

Mobile / SMS and chat marketing, email marketing, direct mail, social media ads, flyers, kiosks/booths, print ads.

PR & media outreach

Reputation evaluation, educational and promotional outreach measures, media planning, media list building (including bloggers), messaging, press release writing.


Contests, coupons, product launches, events, crowdfunding campaigns, service announcements, and all outreach related to campaigns, including landing pages, print design, presentations, brochures, digital marketing, etc.

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