Strategic Marketing

How do you get your message out there?

Telling your story effectively means creating a plan of action, setting achievable and measurable goals, and maintaining the necessary motivation to get it done.

Strategic marketing is a collaborative method centered around using an organization’s brand voice to speak to every target, be it through advertising, social media, public relations, promotions, marketing literature, sales presentations, or direct marketing.

Strategic marketing is holistic and ever-evolving, creating a dialogue across all marketing channels while tapping into the resources of staff and fans to create a brand that reaches target markets on a personal level.

We don’t just define your brand; we broadcast it via marketing channels proven to be ideal and effective for your industry.

Strategic Marketing Case Study
Email Marketing
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We help you choose your best adventure.

816 New York evaluates your brand, its target audience, and its messaging to ensure that you’re broadcasting in the most budget-friendly, effective way possible—consistently and over time.

A clear brand strategy defines your marketing trajectory, ensuring you’re less likely to waste time and resources in the wrong areas.

  • Advertising: broadcast, outdoor, online ads
  • Direct marketing: direct mail, email, websites, flyers
  • Digital marketing: e-commerce, SEO, social media, content marketing
  • Sales: sell sheets, brochures, presentations
  • Promotions: contests, coupons, prizes, samples, special events
  • PR: PR research, press release writing and distribution, media followup
  • Trade shows: booths, product demos
  • Philanthropy: donations, volunteerism, corporate social responsibility