Nonprofit communication, tech, and fundraising trends for 2019

Nonprofit communication, tech, and fundraising trends for 2019

This year, in addition to your resolutions to go to the gym seven times a week, eat more leafy greens, pay off your debt, and journal every day, resolve to ramp up your nonprofit’s efforts.

Just in time for planning your New Year’s goals, 2019 brings with it new communication, tech, and fundraising trends for your nonprofit.

These bright and shiny tips and tricks will help you better connect with your staff, volunteers, and donors and will boost your organization’s mission well into the new year.

Share your story.

Let’s face it: Social is still the outreach sweet spot for everyone (profit or not), but it can be tricky to best the ever-changing Facebook/Instagram algorithm to ensure your posts are getting in front of the audience you want.

Email can be a more reliable route. It’s a tried and true way to connect with your volunteers, supporters, and community. It also allows for personalization that social media doesn’t. You can segment your email lists to send hyper-relevant emails to different groups based on their interests and needs.

Even better? Email prompts 27% of giving worldwide.

Of course, even with the benefits of email, 2019 is not the year to abandon social media.

Instead, use your social networks to keep up with the times.

Capitalize on the live and more exciting features of social, like Facebook Live and Instastories. This will help you connect with your audience in a more real-time manner and the content created can then be repurposed for other uses, like blogs or email campaigns.

You should also continue to use Facebook to increase your fundraising efforts. Be sure to add the “Donate Now” button to your organization’s Facebook page.

Whatever you do—in 2019 and for every year after—telling your nonprofit’s story to share your work, mission, and vision is critical to long-term success. Use all the channels at your disposal to get your message out there.

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Go high-tech.

Want to raise more money in 2019? Of course you do.

New technology will help you better engage and understand your donors. Try out new software to better analyze your donors’ capacity to give, which will make your appeals more targeted and right-sized.

Does a person have the means to give a gift of $10,000, but you’re consistently asking them for $100? New tools and donor management software can help you recognize their financial capabilities and their philanthropic passions.

As mentioned before, storytelling will be on the “trends” list every year. But you can always find ways to tell your story better. Use these same donor and volunteer management systems to evaluate how many hours people volunteered, how engaged your board was, or how you used financial dollars.

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No need to get a Spielberg-certified camera, but make sure to get on board with video in 2019. Online video traffic will make up 80% of all online consumer traffic this year, according to WordStream. Videos connect in a way that words on a page do not and make your story more compelling.

Increase your bottom line.

Fundraising in 2019 will be a combination of tech, personalization, and social outreach.

Fundraising (and marketing) automation programs can help you personalize and schedule your asks. No one wants a one-size-fits-all email.

They want to know they are a valued supporter and they want to know you understand their personal connection to the organization. Individualized appeals will increase engagement and ultimately increase your dollars raised.

You can also use these tools to help foster recurring gifts, turning one-time donors into steadfast supporters.

In 2019, nonprofits should embrace new ways to connect and grow, while sticking to the tried-and-true tenets for success. Couple advancements in marketing, technology, and fundraising with heartfelt storytelling and meaningful outreach.

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