ClassicPlan Premium Financing

Chino, California // Business Brand Refresh

The Challenge

A longstanding financial business ready to modernize. 

ClassicPlan is in the process of steadily refreshing their branding, beginning with a new tagline of their choosing: Everybody Wins. They’ve also launched a new mobile app.

They brought us on to begin creating new brand identity pieces to showcase their new tech-forward direction. On an ongoing basis, we strategize and assist the client with developing and launching print and digital marketing campaigns as well.

Brand Strategy

The Strategy & Relationship

After holding a brand consulting session to define how to help create a standout presence in the field of providing financing to insurance professionals, we performed the following:

  • Subtly modernized their logo to eliminate the dated feel
  • Trade show banners featuring the new headline and eye-catching, thematically appropriate graphics
  • A gatefold brochure with a cutout, based off a sample provided by the client, to explain the program’s benefits and boldly showcase the new message, as well as condensed 1- and 2-page flyers that can be emailed to prospects
  • Gift card holders and thank-you card designs
  • Responsive email template and Powerpoint template
  • Business card and flyer design for their mobile app. The card will be affixed to the gatefold brochure.

On an ongoing basis, we strategize and assist the client with print and digital marketing campaigns to promote: mobile app features, new product offerings, service highlights, and more.

Print and digital marketing campaign

The Campaigns

We consulted with the client about campaigns targeting new leads: a rollout into a new territory, and a tri-part print and digital campaign.

The goal of the tri-part push was to create more warm leads for their sales team by pushing three unique beneficial outcomes of using their service.

They planned to mail postcards to the entire list. Because the goal was to prompt leads to fill out an online form on a custom landing page, we recommended a split approach. They agreed to mail to half their list the postcard and email the other half.

By studying the data from this split campaign, we could better target the list across all 3 stages, gauging if customers were more likely to respond to a print mailing or an email, and save the client money on postage and printing fees. From there, we developed the messaging and landing page copy, designed the card and corresponding banner ads, and built the landing page.