Coming Soon: United Palestinian Appeal

Washington, DC // Ramallah and Gaza, Palestine // Amman, Jordan

The Challenge

The leading nonprofit for the Palestinian cause

The UPA works to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and refugee camps throughout the Middle East. They are the leading authority in Palestinian relief, having been established in the 1970s and recognized worldwide for their contributions to the long-term socioeconomic and cultural development of Palestinian society.

With big changes and goals on the horizon, they engaged our team and our colleagues to assist with both internal change management and outreach/projection of a revised brand image.

International nonprofit change management

The Strategy

Our involvement with the United Palestinian Appeal will be twofold:

  • In collaboration with our colleagues at Quiet Confidence Consulting, we will support the UPA’s change management goals, which include internal restructuring, improved SOPs and internal communications, and implementation of a 5-year strategic plan for growth, outreach, and organizational management.
  • We will consult directly with the UPA for their 2021 brand revise, as well as how to get buy-in for upgrading a longstanding brand from within the team.