Compressor Energy Services

Merrimack, New Hampshire // Rebooting a Legend

The Challenge

Family-owned and values-driven.

Compressor Energy Services was founded over 30 years ago to provide energy-efficiency solutions to major U.S. corporations like Anheuser-Busch, Ben & Jerry’s, New Balance, and Coca-Cola. Their award-winning service programs have earned them a highly respected position in this field.

The family approached us to completely revamp the brand and prepare it for relaunch, preceding an ongoing relationship between our two firms to support them with brand visibility.

Brand Brief
Energy company stationery

The Strategy

Beginning with a series of brand consulting sessions, we helped fine-tune the direction of the brand, its value, and its target audience.

We performed extensive market research and competitive analysis to help the family to project a better structured, sophisticated brand voice with a modern visual style.

Moving then into brand identity, we consulted on the design of a new logo and developed their color palette.

We then delivered a brand brief outlining the following:

  • Value proposition
  • Key stakeholders
  • Core purpose
  • Vision statement
  • Primary & secondary target audiences
  • Similar organizations
  • Brand attributes
  • Positioning statement
  • Audience attributes

Energy company vehicle graphic

The Foundation

First step once we’d decided on a color palette and graphic look was to then begin rolling out the new visual identity pieces:

  • Website redesign and UX
  • Stationery: business cards, envelopes, folder, letterhead
  • Services flyer
  • Logo apparel
  • Vehicle magnets
  • Email signature
  • Infographic design
  • Sales / landing page design

In 2020, we will perform brand launch for a new product that will offer monitoring and a digital dashboard for clients: AIr Analytics.