!nnovate Guyana

New York, New York // East Bank Demerara, Guyana

The Challenge

An economic development fund to boost a nation

The Guyana Economic Development Trust and Economic Development Fund approached us to discuss brand architecture to better organize their various programs and initiatives. They work with organizations such as USAID to fund and incubate innovative projects in Guyana.

We provided website development services for the launch of their new umbrella brand: !nnovate Guyana.

International Economic Development website

The Build

It’s rare, but we did not design innovateguyana.org. The design requested required significant custom code to meet the needs of responsive website design, for all tablets, phones, and desktop sizes.

Our team was presented with a desktop design and, in addition to building that layout, on the fly, we created mobile styles to adapt the design to modern website standards.

The site was delivered on time and on budget.