JE Brown & Associates

Walnut Creek, California // Insurance Company Brand Identity

The Challenge

A family business with a long history needs an upgrade. 

We were contracted by a fellow marketing agency to assist this California-based insurance brokerage to rejuvenate their existing visual identity, to evaluate their existing website—both frontend and backend—perform UX, and develop design concepts for a new website.

They wanted to reboot their brand identity without sacrificing the brand recognition they have fostered over decades of being in business.

Insurance Flyer Design

The Strategy

We began with brand consulting, from which we derived messaging, logo, and modernized color scheme. We then developed and implemented the following plan:

  • We presented the client with three distinct logo design options paired with specific character traits of the business. The client chose a minimal reworking of their existing logo to help promote brand recognition.
  • We subsequently applied the new branding with its clean, minimal look to a new business card layout, a presentation folder, and a suite of flyers.
  • We’ve created various banner ads to promote the rejuvenated brand on insurance industry websites.

The Digital Piece

The most robust part of our partnership was the UX we performed to assist them in redesigning the frontend and backend of their Drupal website.

We performed a UX review to identify areas in which the existing website was failing its users, staff, and leads.

We presented the client with a thorough explanation of how they might better serve the needs of all user groups by reorganizing content, improving navigation, and improving the visual presentation.

We devised design concepts with the new minimal branding in place for homepage, interior pages, and backend interface, working with their Drupal developer to help bring it to life.