Lux Global Partners

New York, New York // Business Services Firm Branding & Launch

The Challenge

An eco-conscious startup in a competitive market. 

Lux Global Partners is a startup business advisory firm supporting entrepreneurs and inventors whose products and technologies advance goals of global sustainability and conservation.

First we identified the potential barriers to outreach and growth:

  • Many venture capitalists (VCs), one of the business’s key target audiences, advise against hiring a business advisory firm like Lux.
  • Lux is a new player in a heavily saturated marketplace—both domestically and internationally—of established VC firms and business advisory firms each trying to attract the best products and bright minds in clean tech, emerging tech, sustainability, and conservation.

The Strategy

We conducted a comprehensive series of brand consulting sessions to evaluate Lux’s competitors’ brand identities and messaging. This helped refine a stylistic direction as well as serve as a survey of the general marketplace.

  • We advised the client after a few misfires on brand naming. They wanted to name the business themselves. However, one choice was too narrowly focused and would’ve made it difficult to add new partners; another had a trademark conflict.
  • We challenged the Lux team to think beyond partner bios and service descriptions, from which we built a brand brief outlining the following: Value proposition, Key stakeholders, Core purpose, Vision statement, Primary & secondary target audiences, Similar organizations, Brand attributes, Positioning statement, Audience attributes

The Relationship

Following our brand consulting phase, we then developed their brand identity, the physical manifestation of their brand:

  • We translated the brand messaging and research into a logo design that truly embodies Lux’s Big Idea, which emerged from the brand definition process, that they are: At the intersection of idea and launch.
  • We’ve created business cards to match the style derived from the development of the brand brief.
  • We’ve set up and customized their LinkedIn company page.
  • We launched a website to describe their programs and business philosophy.