Great Barrington, Massachusetts // Decor Business Microsite

The Challenge

A peaceful mission for a positive brand.

We were brought on by this client to design a single-page microsite—similar to an online brochure or landing page—that featured her positivity-minded decals and mobile app.

The app was designed to promote peace by encouraging users to take just a few moments a day to meditate on the idea of peace.

She wanted to showcase her product assortment, encourage lead requests, and connect her Ultracart online shop and the iTunes App Store.

Microsite Design

The Strategy

Beginning with a brand consulting session, we learned the brand and her current aggressive outreach efforts via trade shows.

We used her copy and photos to develop the microsite, which includes a slideshow, a lead-gathering form, and banners for the shop and mobile app.

The app, called 60 Seconds to Peace, is designed to give users 60 seconds per day to create peace through meditation, and then tracks their meditations as others engage throughout the world. It was developed around the idea that if more people focused on peace, we would have a more positive, peaceful world.

We created callouts to download the app from the microsite and also integrated it with a link to her external shopping cart.