Pax Pretzels

New York, New York // Mission-Driven Startup Build

The Challenge

United in pretzel dough 

Pax Pretzels is a story of America. A story of unity. A story of immigration and peace. All twisted up and delivered in unique, flavorful pretzels, straight out of New York City.

The Strategy

Pax Pretzels isn’t just another food brand. It’s a food brand with big dreams. Unlike so many food businesses that start out as brick & mortar or cottage industry enterprises, Pax Pretzels aims from the beginning to enter the COVID marketplace—into a heavily disorganized industry primed for innovation—with a model that not only distributes amazing goods, but also amplifies immigrant chefs’ stories, unifies customers as Americans and part of a global ideal, and gives back to immigrant / refugee communities.

That’s a big deal! To plot that course, we will undertake:

  • Signature / logo design and palette selection
  • Tagline development
  • Brand brief and style guide
  • Persona development
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Defining key marketing channels
  • Business development, including sales and lead-gathering strategy
  • Crafting brand story, mission statement, and goals
  • Identifying nonprofit, manufacturing, and distribution partners
  • Packaging design, including labels and poly bags
  • Developing Kickstarter campaign and VC pitchdeck

  • Video services, including brand videos and storytelling videos for featured chefs and partner organizations
  • Website design, including user experience (UX) design and user flows, e-commerce buildout and subscription model, SEO best practices
  • Email marketing / omnichannel marketing development
  • Landing page designs
  • Digital graphics, including social media and brand templates
  • Content development and product organization
  • Launch campaigns
  • Post-launch planning and product rollout