Robinson / Scholastic Objectives

Norfolk, Connecticut // Re-establishing a Brand

The Challenge

An educational consulting team relaunch with gusto.

The husband and wife team of Robinson/Scholastic Objectives set the industry standard for the services they provide, which include counseling teens and young adults on an academic path as well as how best to match their talents with a strong life path. With dozens of years of combined experience, the couple needs to stand out. But their brand was lost in an earlier time.

The team approached us to completely revamp the brand and prepare it for relaunch, preceding an ongoing relationship between our two firms to support them with visibility on social media, email marketing, content development, and the like.

Brand Brief
Business card design

The Strategy

Beginning with a series of brand consulting sessions, we helped fine-tune the direction of the brand, its value, and its target audience.

We performed extensive market research to help the couple to project a better structured, sophisticated brand voice with a modern visual style, more applicable to the Gen Z audience they’re trying to attract.

Moving then into brand identity, we consulted on the design of a new logo and created business cards. We then delivered a brand brief outlining the following:

  • Value proposition
  • Key stakeholders
  • Core purpose
  • Vision statement
  • Primary & secondary target audiences
  • Similar organizations
  • Brand attributes
  • Positioning statement
  • Audience attributes

This project is in development and will be updated. Underway are UX and website redesign. Expected brand relaunch is Spring 2019.