Southern CC, Inc

Fayetteville, North Carolina // Nonprofit Strategic Consulting

The Challenge

Standing up for those who have served us

Southern CC is a veteran-led organization based near Fort Bragg. The organization serves homeless veterans and youth in the community, bringing them together to build better lives. They build homes, banks, educational facilities, and other public spaces. They also provide activities and support, such as creative film and writing opportunities, cooking classes, and jobs courses for skills-building within the construction, manufacturing, and maintenance fields.

While their boots on the ground efforts were growing rapidly, they needed guidance with organizational and strategic structure to ensure that the team was best able to support their many goals.

Veterans homeless nonprofit strategy

The Strategy

We are working weekly with the founder and his team of veteran and civilian volunteers on:

  • Strategic planning, to organize annual goals and set organizational benchmarks
  • Change management, to structure teams and committees, systematize ongoing processes, create SOPs
  • Organizing financials (i.e., source of funds, allocation to projects) and fundraising goal-setting
  • Major events and campaigns oversight
  • Technology assessment and implementation (CRM, fundraising software, campaign management software, etc.)
  • Advisory UX and website redesign, to suggest more effective calls to action, create donor-driven user interface, develop enhanced content and media, integrate with more robust third-party software, and build a platform that will scale fluidly as the organization grows from local/regional to national