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Detroit, Michigan // Membership Business Brand Identity

The Challenge

A significant overhaul for better organization. 

This client approached us with a very challenging website problem. She had multiple websites hooked to an ancient Purl database structure, and while her website traffic was fairly strong, the websites were dated and her business was not growing.

Over the years, she had hired various support people and marketing experts who had cobbled together a number of systems, each working independently to achieve their individual goals (a new logo / visual scheme, social media, WordPress websites, Infusionsoft integration, etc.), but none of it was cohesive. 

The Strategy

As is typically the case, this client needed more than simply a website overhaul. It was clear that she first needed help with brand messaging, defining goals, creating brand cohesion online, and then building a better website. We went through a few months of brand consulting sessions to better position her.

The client’s former site—which was in fact three websites—was a usability mess and broke nearly every rule of SEO and visual design. We conducted a thorough UX review to identify areas in which the existing website was failing its target audiences and members.

We recommended reorganizing content, improving navigation, and modernizing the visual presentation.

Membership Website Design

The Relaunch

We united the three fragmented, non-mobile-friendly websites into a single, modern, responsive membership website, structured around the well-defined messaging we’d developed during our consulting phase.

  • Searchable directory with member profiles
  • Robust frontend interface with members-only forms and content
  • Beautiful visual design enhanced with bright, friendly images, headlines, and formatting
  • Restructured content, free of unnecessary bulk, to improve readability, SEO, and keyword relevance

We then revisited two of the former domains that had been attached to the main domain and created branded landing pages that would direct visitors back to the main domain.