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The Red Lentil



When the chef and manager of this award-winning vegan restaurant approached us back in 2011, they told an all-too-familiar story: Their marketing person had abandoned them, and they were in desperate sudden need of all levels of marketing support, from website maintenance to social media to email marketing to print design to promotion.

Events & Awards Promotion

The restaurant hosts a number of annual events, lunch promotions and are honored frequently for awards, for which they need design and promotion assistance.

Online Gift Card Sales

The chef wanted to add the ability to purchase gift cards online and, at certain times of year, offer patrons special offers.

Rejuvenating Their Brand Identity

After a couple years of working together, the chef approached us about redesigning their menus and business cards.


We have addressed each challenge as a whole and, in the case of each printed piece or event, individually to maximize the restaurant’s exposure, attract and keep loyal customers, and further their already stellar reputation in the neighborhood.

  • Brand Identity: We have redesigned their menus and business cards to have a more rustic feel, which corresponds with sustainable and design upgrades they were making to the interior of the restaurant.
  • Events: We develop posters, double-sided table cards, email marketing campaigns, and social media post graphics and text for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Watertown Strong: The Red Lentil attracted some unforeseen press following the tragic bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. The ensuing manhunt took place in their Watertown, MA, neighborhood. The shootout that took place early on April 19 was just a block away. We received a call on Saturday, April 20 from the owner, who has been our client since 2011. He and the staff had made a tremendously generous decision: to serve brunch for free for 5 hours on Sunday, a gesture they hoped would help heal the community. We had less than 24 hours to try to attract as much support and press as we could. Read the case study.
  • Awards: We create email campaigns and social media posts to encourage voting and to spread the word. For example, our efforts in 2013 to promote their nomination for the 2013 People’s Choice Nature’s Plate Award helped them win by popular vote.
  • E-Commerce: We have built into their existing website a very simple shopping cart that also connects to Facebook by which patrons can easily purchase gift cards online, and we have managed special gift card promotions—both by updating the cart and promoting the sales across social media and email marketing platforms—for the client as well.
  • General Online Support: In addition to updating their website and social media with press items and revisions, we have trained the chef on setting up and using Instagram to build his audience.


Our biggest anticipated project will be redesigning the Red Lentil’s website to complete the rustic theme we’ve created in print, together with redesigning their email marketing templates and social media graphics. We continue to support them on a continual basis both online and in print.

Promotional Case Study

Case Study: Watertown Strong


Watertown, Massachusetts


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