Branding & marketing for restaurants

Successful restaurants need a powerful support team that thinks ahead and reacts quickly to growth and outreach challenges.

Restaurant owners work hard, day in and day out, to stay up and running: Hiring and training staff, managing food and overhead costs, keeping patrons happy, and developing creative new dishes. Efforts at branding and marketing are poorly organized and rarely analyzed, yet costs seem out of control. Sound familiar?

816 New York supports you and your staff—from promoting daily specials to strategizing to meet business goals—so you can focus on what you do best.


Strategic Guide: Good food never matters when the seats are empty

  • Offers opportunities for growth you might not have tried
  • Challenges you to think about what’s holding you back
  • Focuses your thinking around actionable goals
  • And moves you forward!

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Communications Strategy Guide

Stay competitive with a defined plan for restaurant communications that accounts for past, present, and future goals while increasing revenue across all platforms.

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Case Studies

Brand Strategy & Promotion / PR Strategy for New Restaurant

Complete brand development, including brand identity (logo design, print design, email templates, social media pages, etc.); PR research and outreach to local press, bloggers, and health-conscious groups; In-person visits to nearby businesses with menus, flyers, and coupons; Email and social media marketing to fans.

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Campaign: COVID-19 Crisis Communications

While his competitors shuttered due to the pandemic, the chef-owner wanted to try to stay open to serve takeout and delivery. We quickly mobilized and engaged the community to launch creative, informative, and heartfelt communications strategy across all platforms.

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Campaign: Healing After the Boston Marathon Bombing

The Red Lentil attracted some unforeseen press following the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. The ensuing manhunt took place in their neighborhood. The chef serve free brunch the next day. We had less than 24 hours to act.

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